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ISTITUTO PANGEA - Onlus: European Institute for Environmental Education and Training


The Training Department is specialized in vocational training for sustainable development and conservation of natural resources. Moreover, the Department normally carries out courses for parks interpreters, parks rangers, and every other training initiative aimed to the management and development of protected areas.

Istituto Pangea ONLUS

c/o Centro Visitatori Parco Nazionale Circeo
Via Carlo Alberto - 04016 - Sabaudia (LT) - ITALY
tel / fax + 39 - (0)773 - 511352 send an e-mail

The Education Department is responsible for naturalistic and environmental education, particularly aimed to the training of school teachers and the development of environmental education (curricula, activities, laboratories etc.) in the national protected areas system.

Istituto Pangea ONLUS - Labnet Lazio

Via Principe di Piemonte, 13
04016 - Sabaudia (LT) - ITALY
tel / fax + 39 - (0)773 - 520027 send an e-mail

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